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Director’s Message

The technology has been changing very fast. Today, new packages, newer versions of current software and new technological tools are being adopted by the trade and industry periodically. The education therefore, must catch up with these developments well in time so that graduating students do not face the problem of obsolescence. We feel the underlying concepts of new technology and tools along with reasonable skills be delivered to the students before they go out in the industry. Thus in a very fast changing technical scenario, concept based education becomes quite important as against tool based education.

Students also explore the relationship between theory and practice. Learning from shared experience is a feature of the course. Each course unit is carefully structured and gives scope to pursue electives of personal interest like Enterprise Application, Information Security, Software Project Management, Data warehouse & Data mining and Computer Network Security.

Technological changes also demand that institutions must consider the market scenario, and adjust the contents and delivery of education matching the expectations of the business houses. In the process, the boundaries of prescribed curricula may have to be crossed. Our team at Dcc INFOTECH Institute of Computer Technology, continuously strives to accord due importance to state-of-the-art concepts of the technology and for that it does not hesitate to go beyond the syllabus, if so required.



Satish Kumar